The portuguese regulator opens a public consultation on MIBGAS market rules in Portugal (press release).

The Portuguese regulator ERSE (Entidades Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos) has just taken a further step in the materialization of the Iberian gas market with the launch of a public consultation on the rules for negotiating gas through products with delivery in the Portuguese virtual point VTP on MIBGAS platform.

MIBGAS has always bet, since it was launched more than four years ago, to form an authentic Iberian market where, through its platform, products could be traded in the Spanish PVB (virtual balance point) and the Portuguese VTP (virtual trading point or virtual balance point); something that for MIBGAS president, Raúl Yunta Huete, will also contribute decisively to consolidate the Iberian Peninsula as the reference natural gas hub in south-west Europe.

Through this public consultation, progress is being made in the implementation of the European Balancing Network Code in Portugal, by establishing MIBGAS as a platform for the balancing actions launched by the Portuguese technical system operator (REN).

ERSE has launched the public consultation number 90 (until July 17th) to seek the opinion and comments of the stakeholders in the Iberian gas market, including trading companies, carriers and associations. The consultation, apart from the MIBGAS market rules for products with delivery in Portugal, also includes the necessary procedures in the Portuguese gas system for balancing.