The MIBGASinfo app is updated with new products and reference indices


Starting today, you can now download the latest update of the MIBGASinfo corporate mobile application which includes new products as well as the MIBGAS price indices defined in a new methodology.

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Download Android: Google Play

A new feature is the inclusion on the home page of an 'Other products' button, which gives access to the trading results of an extended list of products. The products Weekend España PVB, Day Ahead España PVB and Day Ahead Portugal VTP have now been added to the current list, which includes D+1 España PVB, D+1 Portugal VTP and M+1 España PVB.

Another change is an update to the products for which real-time prices are displayed on the home screen. The version now available offers this information for the products Daily D+1 and Monthly M+1; in order to align with the methodology followed by other European markets, and to offer more robust information, the Daily D+1 product is replaced by one called Day Ahead.

Finally, information on the MIBGAS Indices is also incorporated: a button located in the lower part of the home screen gives access to the monthly, quarterly and annual evolution of the following indices: MIBGAS PVB Last Price Index (LPI) Day Ahead, MIBGAS PVB Average Price Index (API) Day Ahead, MIBGAS-ES Index, MIBGAS-PT Index, MIBGAS LNG-ES Index y MIBGAS AVB-ES Index.

The MIBGASinfo mobile application was launched in early April 2022, it is free and multi-platform (iOS and Android) and it can be used to consult the prices of MIBGAS reference products and volumes traded in real time (updated every 30 minutes), information only available in the MIBGASinfo mobile application. Another of its features is its display of the natural gas futures price curve, which is crucial for many companies when it comes to shaping their energy purchasing strategy.

More information about the indices and their methodology: MIBGAS PVB Day-Ahead Indices (in English).