MIBGAS publishes the first issue of its newsletter


MIBGAS launched the first issue of its newsletter today with the aim of disseminating important issues about the natural gas market and its main players in a brief yet educational way.

This newsletter, in online and hard-copy formats and in Spanish, is available on the MIBGAS website - in the Press Room/Newsletter section - and will be published quarterly. In this first issue, we review the milestone constituted by the start of trading of natural gas products in Portugal on an organised market such as that managed by MIBGAS.

The newsletter will also include a section analysing the past quarter and presenting the most important factors affecting the natural gas market in that period. Finally, it has a news section which will highlight the most important events in which MIBGAS has played a leading role during the quarter.

MIBGAS has a series of publications open to all those wishing to follow the day-to-day running of the organised gas market, such as:

  • Daily information (see report 20210429)
  • Monthly information (see monthly data for March)
  • Reports presented to the Market Agents Committee and the Gas System Monitoring Committee, and the annual reports of MIBGAS.


All of them can be accessed through this link. To subscribe, just send an email to  comunicacion@mibgas.es


Download Newsletter 1/2021 here.