MIBGAS presents its new website with a more modern and intuitive design giving prime importance to clarity and ease of use (press release)

MIBGAS presents today the new image of its public website, which will maintain all the functionalities of the current one, with a new, and improved visual design making it more accessible, adapting this first-access communication channel to the usability and clarity criteria most in demand today, including the responsive version for tablet and smartphone. The Iberian Gas Market public website also has versions in Portuguese and English.

The page www.mibgas.es is restructured to offer an improved browsing experience with a series of sections organized in a functional and simple way, and always under the basic principles that govern MIBGAS activity: efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, objectivity, non-discrimination and independence.

The new public website includes everything published in the previous version and improves navigation and accessibility by displaying all the information about MIBGAS -and its subsidiary MIBGAS Derivatives- divided into the following sections that make up the main menu: Iberian Gas Market, Guarantee management, Legislation, Press room, Publications, Training and Information on the company. It also has a FAQs section (accessible from the home page) with the most frequent questions and answers received at MIBGAS.

www.mibgas.es is the welcome portal for all those companies that decide or are interested in registering and being able to trade natural gas and LNG products on the MIBGAS platform; as well as companies that want to access the Guarantee Manager of the Spanish gas system. This reorganization of its content - also based on simplification criteria - seeks to make the search for the necessary information more accessible and direct for all.

Apart from the explanatory sections on the Organized Gas Market and the Guarantee Manager, the public website is the first point of access to register and to know all the current legislation and regulations for the Organized Gas Market and the Guarantee Manager; as well as relevant news and publications made by MIBGAS.

On the other hand, MIBGAS publishes in Information on the company section its Code of ethics and conduct, updated and adapted to the highest standards of good corporate governance, and which ensures the integrity and good service of the companies that make up the group MIBGAS. In fact, in this same section, you will find the rest of the important information about MIBGAS and MIBGAS Derivatives such as the formation of their boards of directors and their shareholders.

Information on market results

One of the sections that presents the greatest change IS in its visualization of market results. With this new presentation, importance is given to the simplification of visualising the concepts more easily with a design where information is combined with an attractive image.

It includes the following sections of graphs where the history of each one is shown with a time range of 366 moving days. The rest of the information on the Iberian Gas Market, since it began in December 2015, is available for download in Excel files.

  • MIBGAS daily prices
  • Trading sessions prices
  • Trading sessions volumes
  • Regulated gases – prices and volumes
  • OTC trades registration
  • Market participants
  • Price and volume Index per gas day
  • Reference prices the imbalances rates

MIBGAS currently has a total of 119 registered agents, and on its platform spot products are traded until the Month Ahead (M + 1) included, while at MIBGAS Derivatives - a subsidiary company of MIBGAS - future products of natural gas and LNG spot products are traded. It also offers the registration service for bilateral trades OTC.