MIBGAS launches a mobile app for tracking natural gas trading in real time


MIBGAS has added to its public information services with the launch of a free, multi-platform mobile application (iOS and Android) for checking prices and volumes traded in real time for MIBGAS reference products: the day ahead D+1 and the month ahead M+1. The information is only available from the Iberian Gas Market mobile application: MIBGASinfo, which can now be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

It also displays the natural gas futures price curve, which is decisive for many companies when shaping their energy purchasing strategy.

MIBGAS has launched the app to add transparency to the market and energy prices, responding to a growing demand from society and the markets for up-to-date information on trading in markets like MIBGAS, particularly given the current fluctuations and variability aggravated by the geopolitical events and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

You can use the MIBGASinfo app to check prices and trading volumes, which are updated every 30 minutes and follow market developments. The app is available in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.


It complements the information on the website

The app complements the information already provided by MIBGAS on its public website www.mibgas.es/en.

The prices displayed every 30 minutes in the MIBGASinfo app are those from the last trade recorded in the benchmark products and their volume. This provides additional information about the price (the so-called last price) appearing on the home page of the MIBGAS website - as well as the D+1 and M+1 reference products of the Spanish PVB and D+1 of the Portuguese VTP in accordance with the methodology established in the market rules.

As well as the home screen and historical display on the home screen and inside, the app displays the natural gas futures price curve consisting of the spot D+1, prompt M+1 and futures products: Q+1 (quarterly) and Y+1 (annual). This information is of great importance for companies when managing their energy portfolios and minimising their decision-making risks.

More information for businesses and society

The information displayed in the MIBGASinfo app adds to the public information services offered by the Iberian market operator on its website in the Market Results section, in its quarterly newsletter and the daily, monthly and annual reports received by its subscribers.

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