MIBGAS joins the United Nations Global Compact


As part of its commitment to sustainability, MIBGAS has joined the United Nations Global Compact, thereby confirming its stance on the defence of sustainable values and responsible attitudes that generate environmental wealth and contribute towards a sustainable future. MIBGAS thus becomes a partner in this global initiative that seeks those values and principles.

In this way the MIBGAS Group takes on and absorbs into its corporate culture the Global Compact's Ten Principles as the first step towards its corporate sustainability focused on the values by which the day-to-day activity of MIBGAS must be ruled.

It, likewise, assimilates the Sustainable Development Goals by incorporating them, wherever possible, into the Group’s corporate activity to serve as guidelines and catalysts with respect to the efforts and actions undertaken for the full implementation of a sustainable corporate culture.

MIBGAS has had its 2021-2024 Sustainability Plan in place since the end of last year. This is a living and constantly evolving document that charts the Group's path towards sustainability. It is the intention of this plan to align itself with sustainability policies that are more in line with the global context and with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framed within the 2030 Agenda.