MIBGAS Derivatives expands its training offer with a new course: Trading in MIBGAS and Market Monitoring


MIBGAS offers a training programme aimed at keeping anyone interested in the workings of the Organised Gas Market informed about the gas industry, and particularly the characteristics of the Iberian Gas Market.

A new online course called TRADING IN MIBGAS AND MARKET MONITORING, has now been added to its current offer, with a total duration of five hours which will be spread over two days: 21 and 22 April. The course will be held in Spanish.

The online training course "Trading in MIBGAS and Market Monitoring" is aimed at traders, agents or potential market agents and professionals in the sector interested in knowing what trading is like through the MIBGAS platform, as well as the applicable European and Spanish regulations. Likewise, the course shows and analyses practical cases on market manipulation.



MIBGAS Derivatives is also organising the IBERIAN GAS MARKET course (also online) from Wednesday 5 to Friday 14 May 2021, which addresses various aspects that define the operation of the Organised Gas Market and Guarantee Management, the use of the MIBGAS platform, and other characteristics of the Iberian Market in a practical yet educational way.

The syllabus and general information about the course can be consulted at the following link:

Training course: Iberian Gas Market (online and in person)

Finally, MIBGAS Derivatives is also offering ON-DEMAND COURSES (see options in English) that you can see at the following link.

On-demand training courses (online)