MIBGAS presents its sustainability plan focused on generating environmental wealth and responsible attitudes


The MIBGAS group has set out in a document its commitments and actions relating to sustainability, ratified through a plan approved by a Board of Directors meeting held on 16 December. The objective of this initiative is to implement and consolidate a plan that is aligned with sustainability policies that are more in line with the global context and with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), framed within the 2030 Agenda. Likewise, this plan will also reflect the ethical and corporate culture that governs all the actions taken by the MIBGAS group.

The plan, with an application horizon of 3 years and which will be reviewed annually through the Sustainability Committee created for this purpose, encompasses actions and measures that lead to the generation of values that have a positive impact on society, thus promoting the creation of social, economic and environmental value. This requires the commitment of everyone, its internal structure and its stakeholders.

MIBGAS wants to become - and has already taken the first steps in this direction through its corporate defence policies and Code of Ethics and Conduct (approved in past Board meetings) - a socially responsible company and it also wants its entire human team to act as responsible citizens.

To achieve this, the plan has four areas of action:

  1. Good governance
  2.  People and talent
  3. Stakeholders
  4. Decarbonisation and innovation

The actions that will help MIBGAS achieve its sustainability goal, a living and dynamic goal that will be defined and updated over the years, will focus on these four areas. These actions will be reflected in a series of measures to implement and integrate the sustainability plan within the company.

The 2021-2024 Sustainability Plan can be found on the MIBGAS website at the following link.