First meeting of the working group to evaluate the price of hydrogen


This morning MIBGAS led the first meeting of the working group for the evaluation of the price of renewable hydrogen in the Iberian market. In his speech on the occasion of the second Enagás Hydrogen Day, the chairman of MIBGAS announced the start of work to create a hydrogen price index, the first step of which was the creation of a working group, which met for the first time this morning.

In this meeting, in which more than 30 actors and companies from the energy sector took part, the main ideas and perspectives were exchanged to advance the creation of this index, which endorses MIBGAS’ commitment to sustainable development.

This renewable hydrogen price index, adapted to the different stages of market maturity, will allow agents to streamline their trades and evaluate the viability of their projects. In a first stage, its creation will be based on the costs of obtaining hydrogen, that is, what it costs to produce it (ask price) and what off-takers are willing to pay (bid price). The spread between the bid and ask price will show the degree of maturity of the market and its liquidity: the narrower the spread, the more liquid the market.

Presentation of MIBGAS (in Spanish).

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