MIBGAS futures, LNG and AVB

MIBGAS Derivatives

MIBGAS Derivatives has managed the exchange trading of future natural gas products, spot liquefied natural gas products (LNG) and spot underground storage products in the Iberian Peninsula since January 2018. With the launch of MIBGAS Derivatives, the market of future natural gas products and LNG in the Iberian Peninsula has a platform for their trading. This completes the curve of natural gas products and prices.

MIBGAS Derivatives currently offers future non-financial products with monthly physical delivery (with maturity higher to the following month), quarterly, semester and yearly; spot LNG products (withinday and daily). Likewise, other service offered is OTC operations register.

The MIBGAS Derivatives products will complete the current portfolio of natural gas products offered by the Organised Gas Market, with a distinction between current regulated products (spot and prompt market) and future products (futures market). In addition, new products of liquified natural gas in regasification plants tanks and natural gas in underground storages will be also offered.

Completing the curve in the Organised Market encourages and reinforces its development and offers a broader variety of products (LNG and underground storage) whose ownership could only be transferred until now in the OTC market.

Regulatory development

The Order ETU / 1977/2016, of December 23, which establishes the tolls and fees associated with third party access to gas facilities and the remuneration of regulated activities.

Market segments

Currently, MIBGAS Derivatives has two market segments differentiated by the delivery time of the traded products.

Clearing house

MIBGAS Derivatives and OMIClear have formalised a cooperation agreement so OMIClear (as Clearing House) will be responsible for providing the clearing and settlement services.


List of Agents and Brokers


Market makers

MIBGAS Derivatives has market makers for the Future and Spot segments. Its aim is to develop liquidity and the negotiation of these products. 


In the following section you can see the calls for market makers made by MIBGAS Derivatives.