In MIBGAS it’s possible operate through two different form: agent or delegated entity, defined in the Royal Decree 984/2015 of 30 October 2015, governing the Organised Gas Market and third-party access to natural gas facilities.

In this Royal Decree --in articles 18 and 19- an Agent is defined as a legal entity that had acquired the status of an Accredited Party, that had signed the Contract of Adhesion to the Rules on the Organised Gas Market, and fulfilled the requirements specified in those Rules, is authorised to trade in the market. In addition, it is specified that the Agents may operate in the market directly or through a representative and those delegates that are not Agents are to register as Delegated Entities.

To start the registration process in MIBGAS as Agent or Delegated Entity, you must complete the following form:

Request MIBGAS registration

The MIBGAS Access Guide describes the steps to be taken for acquiring the status of Agent, or Delegated Entity, in the Organised Gas Market. In the Annex I of that guide, a series of models are included, among them, the types of powers required or the instruments for formalising guarantees.