From today MIBGAS applies new market and guarantee manager rules


MIBGAS, the Iberian gas market operator and guarantee manager for the Spanish gas system, applies the new market rules in its operations today, after their publication in the Official State Gazette: BOE 01/06/2023 (guarantee manager) and BOE 16/06/2023 (organised gas market).

MIBGAS has a period, as established by legislation, of between 15 days and 3 months from the date of publication to implement the necessary changes in its application. Thus, just 19 days later, MIBGAS has now implemented most of the changes included in the new rules. Among them is the definition of new price indices and improvements in the methodology for calculating the latest price, which from this afternoon will be published on the MIBGAS public website.

Link to the new market rules

Link to the new guarantee manager rules