MIBGAS publishes its 2021 annual report


The Organised Gas Market Operator publishes the annual report for the 2021 period, a year marked by the consolidation of the Iberian dimension of the organised gas market with the launch of trading in Portugal on 16 March and the deepening of the corporate structure of the group with the launch of its sustainability plan and new reports and publications, which position it as a benchmark for the gas market in the energy sector on the Iberian Peninsula.

In global terms, in 2021 more than 77.4 TWh were traded on the MIBGAS platform, compared to the 47.3 recorded the previous year, representing a 64% increase. This is evidence of the good progress made to improve market liquidity; although it is also relevant that last year was also a turbulent year for the natural gas market, showing an unprecedented level of price volatility.

As the president of MIBGAS stated in his foreword to the 2021 annual report:

"Three lines have shaped the strategy of MIBGAS until 2021: the first was to increase market liquidity and its smooth functioning; the second to deepen corporate consolidation; and the third, to become the benchmark for the gas market in the Iberian energy sector".

All these aspects are addressed in the 2021 Organised Gas Market Report which is available through the following links:

Executive summary (in English)

Organised Gas Market Report 2021 (in Spanish)