MIBGAS and OMIE continue with developments for the launch in January of the Iberian Centralized Inside Information Platform for the electricity and gas markets


MIBGAS and OMIE are continuing to work on developing the Iberian Centralized Inside Information Platform. This platform will enable agents from the Iberian market in the electricity and gas sectors to comply with the obligations set forth in Article 4 of the EU’s Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency.

Tests on the Platform are scheduled to begin in December, both internally and with the agents who will use it. Once testing is complete, ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators) will run the verification process. It will become operational on December 31st, 2020. Agents interested in participating in these tests must communicate it through the email remit@mibgas.es.

As the following screenshot shows, the Platform is currently in the first phase of evaluation by the Agency, and both phases are expected to be completed as developments are carried out.


When external testing on the Platform begins, agents who are interested in starting to use the service must have submitted an "UMM"-format contact so that the system will allow them to complete the process.

Messages containing information from agents using this platform will be sent in the format established by ACER to ensure compliance with the regulation. It can be found at the following link (Manual of Procedures).

The Iberian Centralized Inside Information Platform will be free to use. The only requirement is signing the contract that sets forth the terms of use.