MIBGAS and OMIE are beginning tests on the Iberian Inside Information Platform (IIP) for the electricity and gas markets. This platform will go into operation on January 1, 2021.


MIBGAS and OMIE have finished development work on the Iberian Inside Information Platform.

This platform will allow Iberian market agents to comply with the obligations set up by ACER.  established in article 4 of the European Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency.


An informational webinar will be held for agents in this field. It will explain how the platform operates, including sending information through OMIE and MIBGAS's private websites and displaying it on the public website created for this purpose. This webinar will take place on 12/15/2020 at 11 am, and it will take place online. It will last about an hour and a half. We will provide more details later on.


Testing with agents is scheduled to be carried out from December 14 to 18. During this period, staff will be available to answer the agents' questions.

Technical details for the tests

For agents who are interested in doing internal tests prior to the scheduled date of testing with OMIE and MIBGAS, links to the different services are provided below. Please use only the environment specified for any testing regarding the submission of inside information.

Private section (Market Agents sending information):

Public section (querying public data):

Sending messages is done with signatures on the Market website, as are all other messages sent within the website (for example, sending offers for MD /MI). This operation is analogous to the current one both in sending information (screen, file, WS) and in submitting queries. It will likewise be necessary to the type of contact ("IIP representative") in order to send messages. In the actual system, entering the contact person will launch the process of creating the "Contract for Accessing the Information Publishing Service." This process has been removed from the testing website. The planned contract for access is attached to this statement.

The messages displayed on the platform today correspond to the internal tests done by the Market Operator. Neither these nor those done by agents in the testing system are valid for ACER.

Attached to this statement are the required schemas (XSD) and web services definition language (WSDL) for exchanging information. These schemas were developed based on the Manual of Procedures published by ACER.

Please recall that the Iberian Inside Information Platform will be free of charge. One must only sign the contract outlining the conditions of use.

We are at your service to provide any clarification you may need.