Axpo Iberia will be market maker for futures gas products


Axpo Iberia, the Spanish subsidiary of the Swiss group Axpo, will be the market maker in the forward products traded by MIBGAS Derivatives for natural gas in the Spanish PVB (Virtual Balancing Point) system, after the selection process opened by MIBGAS’ subsidiary company for the award of this service for the first half of 2023.

Natural gas products are currently traded in the PVB at MIBGAS Derivatives with monthly (with a maturity greater than the following month), quarterly, half-yearly and annually physical deliveries, thus completing the natural gas product and price curve; LNG products (Liquefied Natural Gas) are then added to the TVB (Virtual Balancing Tank) in underground storage through the AVB (Virtual Balancing Storage) and the OTC operations registry service that MIBGAS Derivatives also offers.