Information system

This page provides access to the list of software available for download and to the technical documents required for setting up the client workstations for accessing the Guarantee Management Platform.

Download Basic Software

MIBGAS SUN Java Virtual Machine

Download here the recommended version of the Sun Java Virtual Machine (1.8 update 202), as required for the System’s proper operation. Consult the "Workstation Setup Guide for Accessing the MIBGAS Platform” for its correct installation.

MIBGAS Installer

Download here the Installer program for setting up a PC for its use with the MIBGAS Platform.

List of Documents

Workstation Setup Guide for Accessing the MIBGAS Platform

Guide that explains how to properly set up a workstation, specifying the installations and settings required for operating by logging onto the MIBGAS Platform, involving not only the Platform for Registrations and Consultations but also the Trading Platform and the Guarantee Management Platform.

It encompasses the requirements of a workstation (HW, SW, communications, security, etc.), regarding both the browser and the operating system, the installation of the digital certificate, browser setup, including security matters, the automatic installation of components/applets, and a troubleshooting section.