MIBGAS participates in the 50th annual meeting of Sedigas


MIBGAS took part this afternoon in the 50th annual meeting held by Sedigas (Spanish Gas Association), which was held at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, under the heading “Forging the path towards 2050: natural gas and renewable gases for Europe’s competitiveness and climate neutrality”.

The Chairman of MIBGAS, Raul Yunta Huete, participated in one of the round tables entitled “Renewable hydrogen, innovation and market development”, together with Izaskun Gorostiaga, Chair of the Sedigas H2 Think Tank.

During the speeches, there was discussion of the importance of developing a renewable hydrogen market in Spain and Portugal, to which end MIBGAS has launched a working group to assess the price of hydrogen. This group began its work in March and held its second meeting yesterday.

During his speech, Raúl Yunta also highlighted that “MIBGAS can be the nexus between the supply and demand of renewable hydrogen”, and explained how this vector can help reinforce economic competitiveness and guarantee energy security.