Presentation of the new products for trading on MIBGAS platform


MIBGAS yesterday held the event "New products for unprecedented strategies in the gas market" where the new trading tools to be launched by MIBGAS, in collaboration with OMIClear, for trading on its platform were presented to agents and key players in the gas sector.

Around 150 people gathered at the Círculo de Bellas Artes for an event that began at 6 pm with the presentation of the new trading products by MIBGAS General Manager Raúl Santamaría, followed by a round table discussion moderated by Pablo Villaplana, Chief Operating Officer at OMIClear, with the participation of Rosario Cepero, General Secretary and Director of TotalEnergies España; Ignacio Soneira, General Manager of Axpo Iberia; Jorge Manuel Lúcio, Regulatory Affairs Director, GALP Energia; Elena Pérez Ferreiro, Head of Gas Iberia with Endesa; and Joan Uribe Díez, Head of Gas & LNG with Iberdrola.

The event was opened by OMIClear President Martim Vasconcellos e Sá, and the closing speech was given by MIBGAS President Raúl Yunta Huete. Both highlighted in their speeches the strategic profile of the new products that both companies are developing in collaboration, which will allow agents greater flexibility and increased options in their natural gas trading operations.

The products presented yesterday were:

  • Futures products with delivery at PVB indexed to TTF Day-Ahead (BoM, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly-gas, annual).
  • Futures products with delivery at PVB indexed to MIBGAS Day-Ahead (BoM, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly-gas, annual).
  • Monthly products with delivery at TVB (M+1, M+2, M+3).

These products, which are physically delivered and non-financial and therefore outside the MiFID II regulations, will be available for trading by screen (opening auction and continuous market) and through the OTC register.

Presentation (PDF) on the new products