More success in the three auctions on request held today at MIBGAS


This morning three new auctions on request were held at MIBGAS Derivatives. These closed with the purchase of a total of 136 GWh by the initiating agent and involved three different products for delivery later on this year. The following is a breakdown of the purchases: 44 GWh (480 MWh/day) for the Q+1 product at a price of €58.87/MW; 46 GWh (500 MWh/day) for the Q+2 product at a price of €59.65/MWh; and a further 46 GWh (500 MWh/day) for the Q+3 product at a price of €62.47/MWh.

With these purchases, the agent initiating the auctions, which were held consecutively in the market between 11:30 and 12:45 hours, has secured the supply of that volume of natural gas for this year through a competitive market mechanism.

The advantage offered by auctions on request is their flexibility when it comes to the agents scheduling their purchases by choosing the MIBGAS Derivatives product that most interests them: future physical, non-financial natural gas (NG) or liquid natural gas (LNG).