MIBGAS publishes the 2020 organised gas market annual report


The Organised Gas Market Operator publishes the annual report for 2020, a period that has undoubtedly been marked by the pandemic. The document, spanning several chapters (in Spanish) covers the milestones and the most outstanding events that occurred in MIBGAS in 2020 among which are (1) the start (in April 2020) of trading of LNG in the "virtual tank" which led, for the first time, to an exchange or organised market showing a public and transparent signal of the price of LNG from transactions; (2) the launch (in October) of new natural gas products to trade in actual or virtual underground storage; and (3) the work carried out jointly with the technical manager of the Portuguese gas system for the start of trading of natural gas products in Portugal through the MIBGAS platform which finally came about on 16 March 2021.

2020 was also a year in which the registrations of agents to trade in MIBGAS increased notably, specifically by 37%. Thus, while there was a decrease in activity across all sectors, MIBGAS has seen a considerable increase in the number of new agents last year: from the 105 with which 2019 ended, to 144 agents at the end of 2020.

In presenting the report, the president of MIBGAS, Raúl Yunta Huete, highlighted the following:

“2020 has tested the resilience of companies. In this regard, MIBGAS, despite the pandemic, has shown its ability to progress in fulfilling its strategic plan.”

"MIBGAS has strengthened its position with the launch of new products, thus providing greater flexibility to its users and offering price references throughout the natural gas curve."


The report is available (in Spanish) to view and download in the Publications/Reports section .

Main parameters of MIBGAS in 2020