Every day, as of today, MIBGAS will be publishing the natural gas price for the electricity market


As of today, MIBGAS, in line with its principles of transparency and information, will be publishing the daily natural gas prices for the electricity market (NGP [1] in €/Mwh) resulting from the application of Royal Decree-Law 10/2022, of 13 May, thereby establishing a temporary mechanism for adjusting production costs to reduce electricity prices in the wholesale market.

Royal Decree-Law 10/2022 establishes that MIBGAS will provide information, on a daily basis, to the operator of the electricity market and the operators of the natural gas price system before 10:00 hours. However, with the aim of endowing said price with a greater degree of transparency and accessibility, MIBGAS will be publishing it on its website and on the home page of the MIBGASinfo mobile app as of 09:45 hours.

It will be possible to consult the price in the MIBGAS_Data_2022.xlsx file [2] -available in the market results section on the public website- in the final tab under the caption PGN_RD_10_2022.

MIBGAS has also compiled a specific technical note regarding how this price is calculated that will be available to all interested parties in the Natural Gas Price for the Electricity Market Royal Decree-Law 10/2022 section on its website to contribute to providing greater clarity as to how this price is created and how it applies to the electricity market. It can also be found in a specific section on the MIBGAS website.


 [1] NGP is the natural gas price in €/MWh. It will be determined as the weighted average price of all the transactions in Daily products (hereinafter D+1) and Weekend (where applicable) with next day delivery of natural gas at the virtual balancing point (VBP) registered in the Iberian Gas Market (MIBGAS). The methodology used to obtain the NGP may be modified by way of a ruling of the Secretary of State for Energy.

[2] In turn, the prices of all the products negotiated on the MIBGAS platform are contained in this Excel file.