The MIBGAS Group is aligned with sustainability policies that are more in keeping with the global context in order to adapt its actions and bring them into line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framed within the 2030 Agenda to promote and create values that have a positive impact on society, connecting with the philosophy of good corporate governance.

MIBGAS seeks to be a responsible company which, in turn, wants its human team to be responsible citizens.

For this reason, over the coming years, MIBGAS is undertaking to implement all its efforts to adapt its actions, interactions and behaviour to ensure that they meet the most advanced sustainability guidelines, introducing them into all areas of the company in accordance with the group’s responsible and ethical culture.

To this end, MIBGAS has drawn up its own sustainability plan, which was approved at the Board of Directors meeting held on 16 December 2021. It also has a Sustainability Committee that will be in charge of monitoring and implementing sustainable corporate practices.

The MIBGAS Group Sustainability Plan 2021-2024 is available at the following link:

Sustainability Plan 2021-2024