Recruitment system

The Organised Gas Market Operator’s Information System, is, from an external perspective to the operating company, the electronic trading platform used by the Market Agents to take part in and obtain information on the Organised Gas Market. Internally, the Market Platform is the tool used by the different management bodies within the company itself for the pursuit of their operations.

According to this approach, the Market Platform is designed to cater for the following core functions:

  • Enable Agents to post orders in the Organised Gas Market.
  • Match the orders received for the different products.
  • Provide Agents with the necessary information on market results.
  • Conduct those actions related to economic results that are entrusted to them (market settlements, processes involving invoicing, collections and payments, guarantees, etc.) and provide Market Agents with comprehensive results.
  • Automatically generate reports on market operations.
  • Provide the operating company with value added data on the market’s performance.
  • Respond to possible claims made by Agents regarding the different processes.