In the Organised Gas Market, manage by MIBGAS, products are traded the following products:

  • Normalised titled products at the virtual balancing point (PVB) with a time horizon up to the last day of the month following the arrangement of the trade. The Balance of Month and Month Ahead products will be cleared by OMIClear.
    The trading calendar for MIBGAS and MIBGAS Derivatives products cleared in OMIClear is available here.

  • Short-term normalised products that the System’s Technical Manager may purchase or sell in order to conduct its balancing duties, involving the transfer of ownership of the gas located either at the Virtual Balancing Point, or at one or more specific input or output points on the same (local products).

A detail of the products currently being traded is specified in the following:

In addition, prior authorisation by a ministerial order, trading may involve other products related to the gas supply chain, such as, for example: 

  • Operation gas;
  • Working gas; 
  • Cushion gas;
  • Gas for the supply to last-resort consumers;
  • Liquefied natural gas; 
  • Etc.