Private area

The private area is designed as a partner website where Agents may log on to consult documents, view the calendar of activities or submit comments about the documents. It is required to be a member of the Agents Committee to access it.

Those users wishing to access the private area are to be in possession of the necessary credentials, which will be provided by MIBGAS in response to a simple application process.

Steps for requesting access to the MIBGAS private area:

  1. Access the website’s private area by clicking here.

  2. Application: Request the credentials via the link ‘Register account’ and complete the form that appears. The e-mail address provided will be the username for logging onto the private area. For more information, consult the Registration Manual on the same page.

  3. Authentication: When the application has been received and processed by MIBGAS, the applicant will be sent an e-mail, which will appear in the inbox of the e-mail account provided, and the applicant is required to click on the link provided.

  4. Password: Follow the process for changing the password and logging onto the private area. The username will be the e-mail address, and the password will be the one chosen.

Subsequent access to the private area simply requires logging on by inserting the e-mail and the password.