Information system

This page provides access to the list of software available for download and to the technical documents required for setting up the client workstations for accessing the Guarantee Management Platform.

Download Basic Software

MIBGAS Installer

Download here the Installer program for setting up a PC for its use with the MIBGAS Platform through Microsoft Edge web browser.

List of Documents

Workstation Setup Guide

Guide that explains how to properly set up a workstation, specifying the installations and settings required for operating by logging onto the MIBGAS Platform through Microsoft Edge web browser, involving not only the Platform for Registrations and Consultations but also the Trading Platform and the Guarantee Management Platform.

It encompasses the requirements of a workstation (HW, SW, communications, security, etc.), regarding both the browser and the operating system, the installation of the digital certificate, browser setup, including security matters, the automatic installation of components/applets, and a troubleshooting section.


In this document you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions received after the configuration process of the agent's terminal with Edge browser according to the Configuration Guide found in this section.


Cybersecurity in MIBGAS

The activity carried out by MIBGAS as Market Operator and Guarantees Manager contains a high degree of technological communications and the use of electronic means for the proper performance of its work. Exposure to this technological environment implies obvious connectivity advantages for users, but also exposure to the threats derived from the use of information technologies.

The MIBGAS group relies on OMIE, as a service provider in technological systems and cybersecurity, which has developed the market platform and offers technological support for the management of these services. MIBGAS makes these means available to agents and users for their access and participation in the markets it operates.

The use of these systems implies the observation and absolute compliance with the established rules on cybersecurity included in this release, as well as the measures and procedures mentioned below, and requires the use of the best practices contained in the applicable national and European regulations. Compliance with these policies and best practices is mandatory for users and is a necessary condition for access and participation in MIBGAS platforms. Failure to comply with them therefore entails the indemnity of MIBGAS with respect to damages that may arise from the actions of users who fail to observe these precautions.

In this document, we indicate the procedures and protocols established by OMIE, which are applicable in the access and use of the gas market platforms, to act in a preventive manner, to ensure the best operation of the system and a guide for action in case of possible fraudulent actions.

It is an obligation of the agents to take all reasonable and appropriate professional due diligence precautions to protect their IT infrastructure and to prevent fraudulent or unauthorized use or access to market data and platforms.