Regulatory development

The Order ETU / 1977/2016, of December 23, which establishes the tolls and fees associated with third party access to gas facilities and the remuneration of regulated activities for 2017, authorizes MIBGAS S.A. to negotiate in the Organized Gas Market of title transfer gas products delivered to the Virtual Balancing Point of the system with a timeframe greater than the last day of the month following the transaction being carried out, as well as title transfer products of liquefied natural gas in regasification plants and natural gas in underground storage facilities.

Previously, Royal Decree 984/2015, of October 30, which regulates the Organised Gas Market and the access of third parties to the facilities of the natural gas system, in its article 14, referred to the previous authorization by Ministerial Order that was materialised in Order ETU / 1977/2016.

This regulatory framework is the basis for the creation of MIBGAS Derivatives and is completed with its Market Rules.