As regards communications, MIBGAS is designed to streamline the market access of the different types of Agents involved in it.

Depending on each Agent’s specific needs, MIBGAS provides a choice between several means of communication, differing in terms of the system’s response speed, while ensuring the applications always performs in exactly the same way in functional terms.

Agents may choose from among a series of different ways for communicating with the system, being protected against possible failure of the default communications procedure. Nevertheless, and with a view to ensuring the system’s availability, all the entry points are duplicated in MIBGAS, guaranteeing that communications are maintained in the event of any simple failure of the equipment or access channels.

Consistent with this approach, MIBGAS permits Agents to use the following means of communication:

Internet connection

The Organised Gas Market Operator’s Information System includes two internet connections. An Agent may access the market through a simple internet connection provided by any internet provider. The access speed in this case depends largely on the Agents’ internet connection through its provider and on the performance of the internet itself. Given its low cost, this is the main way of accessing the market used by Agents that account for an average-to-small number of order units. It does not involve any special requirements (except the specific security requirements for logging onto the market via the internet).

Connection via a dedicated line

In order to connect to MIBGAS via a dedicated line, Agents are to notify their wish to establish such a connection to the operating company on the corresponding request form. Once authorisation has been given, the process of establishing and setting up the connection lines will begin, with accessing being provided to the market by this means once the connection is operational and the pertinent tests have been conducted.

MIBGAS provides and manages the communications equipment/terminals (routers) required for establishing the point-to-point connection at the Agent’s end, while the latter is responsible for contracting and managing the communications line with the telecommunications operator of its choice. The line’s specifications (normally a speed of up to 2 Mbps, V35 connector on the MIBGAS side, IP setup...) are to be agreed between MIBGAS and the persons that the Agent appoints as contact person for the installation.