Agents Committee

The Agents Committee for the Organised Gas Market is an advisory body whose purpose is to know and be informed of the market functioning and management of the market as undertaken by MIBGAS, and the drafting and channelling of proposals that may help to improve its performance.


Its specific duties are as follows:

  • Know and be informed of the market’s evolution and functioning and the development of the matching and settlement processes.
  • Know, through MIBGAS, of any incidents that have taken place during the market’s operations.
  • Analyse the market functioning and propose to MIBGAS any amendments to the rules that may lead to a change or improvement in the market’s operation procedures.
  • Report any new proposals on the Rules and Market Resolutions, including, as appropriate, the individual votes cast by its members.


The Agents Committee shall be made up of delegates from the Market Operator, the Agents, the CNMC, the Guarantee Manager, and the Technical Managers. In addition, and depending on the scope and content of the matters to be discussed, MIBGAS may invite delegates to speak, but not vote, from each one of the following groups: the market’s transmission companies, distributors and consumers, CORES, and relevant associations with links to the sector.

List of Members

The following link provides a list of the members of the Agents Committee.

Members of the Agents Committee

Internal operating rules

The following link provides access to the Internal Operating Rules of the Agents Committee.

Rules of the Agents Committee