100 agents registered in MIBGAS by the end of July (press release)


The Iberian Gas Market reached 100 participants registered in July. Also two historical records were beaten this month: on the one hand, the traded volume of the month ahead product (M+1) overcome 2.173 GWh and, on the other hand, a total of 1.564 GWh have been traded in MIBGAS Derivatives.

These results have contributed to an increase of 69,75% in the traded volume in MIBGAS compared to the previous month, this is due to the traded volume of the month ahead product (M+1) which has beaten its monthly historical record.

Moreover, in MIBGAS Derivatives it has been an increase of 39.15% compared to the traded volume in June. In particular M+2 product reached a traded volume higher than the rest of the products traded in June (1.199 GWh in July against 1.124 GWh in June).


This year, a total of 29.268 GWh have been traded in MIBGAS against the 12.951 GWh traded during the first seven months of 2018. It represents an increase of 126%. In fact, during these months, the total volume traded has overcome 5.000 GWh, more than the total volume traded in the whole year 2018, which was 24.261 GWh.

Meanwhile, in MIBGAS Derivatives market a total volume of 5.168,64 GWh has been traded since January 2019.