System requirements for the Workstation to view the website correctly

MIBGAS’s public websites may be accessed via desktop computers or using the most common mobile devices (smartphones, tablets...), with each one having its own customised display.

For a traditional desktop PC, use is recommended of the browsers listed below, with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.

  • Internet Explorer 9 and higher
  • FireFox 3
  • Google Chrome 2

When using resolutions higher than 1280x1024, improve the display by adjusting the size using the Page->Zoom settings (Internet Explorer) and adjusting the zoom to the size that best fits the screen.

The mobile display automatically adapts to each device by adjusting the content to the screen size. The mobile display is designed for the following types of devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Android tablets, iPads or similar

How to delete cookies and temporary internet files

When one of the error messages listed below appears after you have requested a report through the Market Results app, you are advised to delete the cookies and temporary files from your browser.

Possible error messages:

  • “An error has occurred when receiving data”
  • “M7D availability for report 239 is incorrectly configured”
  • “Data unavailable”, provided you know for certain that the report has been published and is accessible, as this message also appears when the data have not yet been published at the time the request is made.

The deleting of cookies and temporary files depends on the browser being used. In the specific case of Internet Explorer, proceed as follow:

Go to the menu 'Tools' -> Internet Properties, and on the General tab, click Delete under Browsing History, checking all the options except the first one (so as not to preserve favourite website data).

If any messages like the ones specified above appear when accessing the internet through a corporate network that uses ‘proxy’ devices to facilitate browsing, please contact your IT support to verify whether those devices are displaying information that has already expired (cached) on the MIBGAS website.

With a view to obtaining the latest data on future visits to the MIBGAS website, you are advised to configure the browser to check for newer versions of stored pages. For example, use the following set-up with Internet Explorer:

Go to the menu 'Tools' -> Internet Properties, and on the General tab, click Settings under Browsing History and check the first option “Every time I visit the webpage”, and then click “OK” to save the settings.

Organization structure, blocks and access menus to the information (in several languages)

Design structure for public websites consists of:

Main top menu: It’s the horizontal menu located at the top of the page and allows us to access the most important sections in the website. Placing the cursor over one of the links in the top secondary menu, just below main menu, shows us the different subsections in the selected option.

Main top menu options: Located just below main top menu, it shows us the different sections into which the selected option in the main top menu is divided. We may change section by clicking the respective link.

Secondary top menu, showing four links to: Market results (with all public information on market trading), Links (interesting links in the sector), Publication (with all publications and reports published by MIBGAS) and Training (information about operation courses in MIBGAS).

Outstanding blocks: There are several outstanding blocks in the main page of the MIBGAS public website, for accessing the more relevant areas:

  • Market Results, where the marquee displays the market trading highlights (Price Indexes and Reference Prices of the products traded at the Spanish Virtual Balancing Point - PVB-ES, volumes, etc.) and the link that provides access to all the market reports.
  • Access to the Private Area, which is a space where participants may collaborate
  • Access to the form and to the guide with the steps for registering as an Agent or Delegated Entity in the Organised Gas Market
  • Information on the company, with the latest corporate news.

Footer: Located at the bottom of the page, we can find access to this help, besides other links, such as Contact, Legal Disclaimer and Site Map.

The browsing structure has been designed according to the needs of accessibility and simplicity in the access to the published information.

Access to the market results and the kind of information that may be consulted.

Within the information MIBGAS discloses on the results of trading in the Organised Gas Market, a highlight is the Market Results app, which provides a visual display of the different reports that MIBGAS publishes on a continuous and immediate basis after each process.

The Market Results reports on the website are available in Spanish, Portuguese and English. To choose a language, simply select the language in the "languages" tab in the upper menu.

The following reports are issued on a daily basis:

  • Prices and volume traded each day (€/MWh, MWh)
  • Price index and volumes for each gas day (€/MWh, MWh)
  • Prices and volumes of regulated gas (€/MWh, MWh)
  • Reference prices for imbalance rates (€/MWh)
  • Daily quantity traded (€)
  • Amount of the gas day (€)

***Click here to download the " File formats for MIBGAS public information distribution "***

***Click here to download the "User Guide for the MIBGAS Market Results Application"***

Access to the documentation with the published information and file format

The information that the Market Operator makes public about the market results is established in the Appendix VIII of the Market Rules.

Market Rules, Resolutions and Instructions